Vacuum and Scientific Processing Equipment

We offer build-to-print, new and refurbish options using our vacuum processing experience and fully equipped fabrication and electrical workshops. Systems can be manual, semi or fully automated with robust button and touch screen human interfaces. The engineers at mptech have 30+ years of experience working with, designing and building bespoke vacuum systems often involving closed-loop heating systems for baking and device conditioning, e.g. device internal cathode heater control.

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  • Specialist vacuum and thermal processing equipment manufacturer.
  • New build and re-build.
  • Full process automation and monitoring. High quality and proven reliability.
  • Double figure quantity of automated vacuum processing systems supplied to the 2 largest electronic tube manufacturers in the UK.
  • Oven designs available from a cylindrical or rectangular form using a range of radiative heating elements and wattages, e.g. incoloy pyrobar.
  • Closed-loop induction heating systems under vacuum for rapid high-temperature processing, e.g. 50g carbon load to 1100C in sub 10 seconds.
  • Expert in vacuum system processing and handling of alkali metals, e.g. caesium & rubidium.
  • Pyrex glass forming equipment using gas/oxygen torch or induction heating.
  • Design advice based on process requirements.