Vacuum Brazing

Metal joining process offering clean and strong joint adhesion. Braze material alloys with parent metal making for joint strength on parity and often superior to welding. Avoids HAZ (heat affected zone) weakness associated with welding. Dissimilar metals with tenacious oxide layers such as titanium easily joined. mptech engineers have 30+ years of experience brazing exotic alloys such as molybdenum, Kovar, copper alloys, stainless steel and metallised alumina ceramic.

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  • Flux free, oxide free metal joining using precious and non-precious braze alloys.
  • Leak tight and void free with controlled heating to minimise material stresses.
  • We use braze materials including gold copper, palladium alloys, silver copper, pure copper as well as nickel alloys.
  • Braze forms available as paste, wire and foil washer. Expert in joining dissimilar metals, stainless steel, molybdenum, nickel and copper alloys.
  • Metallised ceramic brazing.
  • Multiple joints can be brazed in a single process including brazing upside down.
  • Typical loads from 20g-100kg with large loads having in excess of 500 individual braze joints.
  • In company solvent component degreasing and pre-assembly using spot or TIG tack welding.
  • Braze fixture design and manufacturing service.
  • Clients from sensitive industries such as high energy physics and medical instrumentation.