Solvent Degreasing

In order to offer vacuum brazing and welding services, mptech engineers knew from decades-long experience in the electronic valve industry that the metal surfaces to be joined must be adequately clean. Only chlorinated solvents cut the mustard and we settled for plant running perchloroethylene from Dow Chemicals. We offer a sub-contract degreasing service with packaging and transport.

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  • Environmentally Compliant Hermetically Sealed Machine running Perchloroethylene (DOWPER MC).
  • Full distillation to remove oils ensuring pure clean solvent is used for every batch.
  • Optional vapour, immersion or jet spray with movement by oscillation or rotation.
  • Filtration to 25 microns.
  • We process small intricate parts with blind holes to large complex castings.
  • Service approved for the scientific vacuum tube industry.
  • Maximum basket size 450mm x 300mm x 200mm.
  • Post cleaning packing and labelling available.
  • Pricing from £0.60/kg, £0.01/part subject to loading.

Same day service and local collection & delivery.